Install Trezor with Debian System instead fedora

I try to install Trezor with this guide: Ultimate Guide on Using Trezor with Qubes.

But my sys-usb is based on debian. Is it necessary to change sys-usb to fedora or is there a way to install with debian? (I have respect, manipulating sys-usb…)

I tried the installation with my debian system, but did not succeed. I installed Trezor bridge with dpkg command and the .deb-file. I guess it worked.

Are there the same udev-rules for debian?

And step 8 in the guide is not clear:

  • in the Whonix-App can I also install with python3-trezor instead pip3 command?
  • In the debian-sys what is the substitute for the fedora package: trezor-common? Is it just:

sudo apt install trezor

Step 4 of the guide I do not understand:

  • why cloning and not using the existing template and qubes?

It should work as well.

You should’ve installed it with apt instead of dpkg so it’ll install the package dependencies as well:

sudo apt install /path/to/trezor.deb



Install the trezor package using apt, it should install all dependencies that it need.

It’s not strictly necessary but if you use the same template in all your qubes and the trezor package or it’s dependencies have some vulnerability then it can compromise your qubes that don’t even need the trezor e.g. your banking qube. But if you have separate templates for trezor qubes and for banking qube then it won’t be compromised.


You answer very precise and fast. I appreciate this a lot. Keeps this forum vivid.

Trezor works not!!

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@apparatus Is correct in everything he said. If you want to read the full, in-depth guide that contains the explanations for why I did some things like clone the USB Qube instead of using the existing one, you can read it on our website.