Install OpenBSD in Qubes OS


There is another community guide now by @Xuni allowing user to have a bigger resolution, usb passthrough and working audio, perfect if you install OpenBSD for a desktop usage.


Thanks for the reference to my guide <3

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Hello I’m trying to follow your guide and I’ve gotten to the part where the OpenBSD install asks me for the Default IPv4 route and don’t know what to do from here. I know in your guide you say “Default IPv4 route is given in the Qube network information” I see you mention Qube network information several times but I’m not sure where I am suppose to locate this information

You can find it in your qube Settings:

Which address am I suppose to put in for this scenario? I’ve tried many it seems no matter which one it is OpenBSD says “add net default: gateway X.X.X.X: Network is unreachable”. From the error message I assume it’s a Gateway address but I’ve tried the gateway for the OpenBSD, sys-firewall, which is the NetVM, and sys-whonix to no avail.

The netmask should be 8 (or written otherwise the gateway isn’t in the same network.

I’ve tried that to no success

Can you share the content of /etc/network.em0 (I’m not sure it’s em0 though here, maybe it’s re0 or vio0) and /etc/mygate?