Inevitable lag and stutter a few hours after boot

I have a USB mouse and keyboard, if that matters. That is asked a lot in similar topics to mine.

I use Qubes like normal, then after some time, it begins stuttering and lagging. It’s very much apparent in the cursor that seemingly teleports instead of moving smoothly.

The problem manifests persistently within a few hours following each system restart and continued use.

Do you have keyboard/mouse connected to sys-usb or are they connected to dom0 directly?

I get a dialog at boot. The source is sys-usb and the target is dom0. I just press TAB a few times to confirm the dialog.

Maybe the problem is in sys-usb.
You can try to increase the sys-usb memory, maybe it’s swapping to disk after some time.


That fixed it. 400 MB is nowhere near enough memory. Is this information included anywhere? Someone should add it to the docs if it isn’t included yet.

I believe it’s also CPU-related. Increasing the vcpu count helped, I think.

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You may find that this stuttering recurs despite your increasing sys-usb’s memory assignment. If so, next time you could restart just sys-usb rather than your whole system- a less disruptive mitigation.

400 is the default setting for sys-usb created by Qubes.
I dont recall any other report like yours, but an entry in the docs
might be useful.

The documentation is a community effort. Please help us improve it by
submitting a pull request.

If you’re not happy using git, PM me with a proposed change.

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I could bet it’s not about memory assigned. Because I thought so too and gave it over 1,5GB, but that didn’t resolve it. The only thing that helped was (and still is) to shutdown and start sys-usb again (not only to restart in my case).

Which makes me think it’s some kind of memory leak, actually. The same happens when I switch keyboard layout, but this time to whole Qubes.