I'm not an expert in programming, but I want to contribute some code. What could I work on that's not too large, complex or low-level?

I know some Python, Bash, a little C, general Linux knowledge, general Qubes knowledge, git, etc., but I’m not an expert in anything so I don’t want to contribute to a large or too low-level module (or whatever a piece of semi-isolated code that does its job well and interacts with only a few other systems is called). Is there anything beginner-friendly that could use some work? Some part of Qubes that’s not too heavily developed at the moment (code that doesn’t change every day with 5 people working on it simultaneously) so a beginner could take their time with it a few hours a day? Also, I wouldn’t feel confident with something that depends on very low level knowledge (specifics like driver issues, Xen issues, etc. where specific expertise is required).

I want to do this to advance my skills and to help my daily driver for the last 4 or so years.

Ideally the tag “good first issue” would be the answer, but it doesn’t seem to be used that often. Perhaps look at the needs help tags and trying find something suitable for you. But perhaps a Qubes developer has a better answer.


Also, UI-related fixes are generally simpler, I think. For that you can filter the ones with UX tag and Bug.

Also keep in mind that development is generally made on R4.1 and not on the current stable release (4.0). You may need an an additional machine. (see also: Qubes 4.1.0-beta1 Available).

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