I get an error when attaching USB audio


I bought this USB speaker and connected it, but I get an image error and cannot attach it to the desired Qubes. Is there any solution?

If you want to be helped, you need to explain your goal, not your problem. Attaching any device to a sys-firewall doesn’t make sense in Qubes OS philosophy.

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Thanks. My objective is simple: to attach a USB speaker to my Qubes so that I can play music on Youtube. As usual, I had connected a USB speaker and attached it to the desired Qube (YN, Youtube, Niconico broadcast use only), but was it a bad idea to try to attach it to a Qube other than the sys-firewall?

Or maybe JBL products are not supported, as I remember reading that USB audio is also compatible with QubesOS.

You should first confirm that you tried this guide, and that you didn’t succeed. My suggestion would be to continue there, but it’s up to you.

There are other guides too that might help, just search the forum for the term, for example: usb audio qube

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Thanks, I see that by going through sys-audio’s qube I can connect USB speakers, which I couldn’t do with the default system. I was trying it immediately, but I couldn’t make default-dvm into audio-template nor fedora38, so I created a sys-audio qube using debian12-xfce itself as a template.

On top of that, I installed the necessary applications with apt install and,

qubes-prefs default_audiovm sys-audio

and set it to default audiovm with > qubes-prefs default_audiovm.

I am currently having problems with keyboard input on the login screen after a reboot, which I am dealing with by suspending and resuming as much as possible, but is there any way I can get music to play through sys-audio without having to reboot? Alternatively, I think the problem is that I have debian12-xfce as a template and I still can’t play sound…

In the topic you presented, there was a post where you were able to get the Pebble Pro to work. I will peruse this one and try to see if I can get the USB speaker recognised and working. Thank you.

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