I get a tiny proxy error when I do an apt install on a template


apt install printer-driver-escpr psutils cups
こちらのコマンドをいれたところ、画像のようなエラーがでてきてしまいました。debian11 Templateからtinyproxyをapt removeしてみましたが、同じエラーがでてきてしまいます。apt installができるようにするため、何かできることはありませんでしょうか?

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What’s your Qubes version and what’s your update proxy qube?

Thanks. I had installed the 4.2.0 rc version around this summer, but I’m not sure what number of rc it is (if you have the update history, I can identify it by date). The proxy cube was created at the time of the lecture, but I don’t think the debian11 template used that proxy.

I also remember that something was set up to automatically connect to, but a search for did not turn up the topic I posted.

Can you open “Qubes Global Setings”, go to “Updates” and check what’s set under “Update proxy” for “Default update proxy”?

It is marked as sys-firewall.

In a dom0 terminal, can you run the following command and check if service.qubes-updates-proxy is set to 1?

qvm-features sys-firewall

If it’s set to 1, open a terminal inside sys-firewall and run this:

sudo systemctl status qubes-updates-proxy

What’s the service status?


Can you open sys-firewall settings, go to the service tab and add “qubes-updates-proxy”? When that’s done, restart sys-firewall and try updating a template again.

sudo systemctl status qubes-updates-proxy

loaded :marked
Active: inactive dead

Other vm can connect internet but untrusted VM can’t connect. Each vm set sys-firewall so i wondered that where are defferent betweeen two vms. YN2 and untrusted template is same debian11.

This seems to be a different issue. The package manager is trying to connect to the tinyproxy service from the update qube but can’t reach it. Are you sure that you’re using sys-firewall for your updates? Did you choose to update your templates with Whonix in the installer?

Thanks, hmm dom0 update is sys-firewall and default update proxy is sys-net. and whoenix can’t use because of my softbankair internet connection environment.

I’ll try so previous settings to sys-net too.

All connnection doesn’t work at this time …

And other error has rise up , untrusted cube can’t start.

Can you share the logs from the specified file?

How open this file? Untrusteds terminal can’t open too…

The log file is accessible from a dom0 terminal. Copy the file content and put it here.

Ok this screenshot is here.
Untrusteds problem is solved after Qubes reboot.

And it seems not to appear internet connection icon on the right upside.

Network manager is disabled , so I’ll try to change enabled.

and log files is here.

Although I recently installed RC5, it seems that I’m still unable to update templates or perform ‘apt update’ on the templates.

Sorry, there is an update proxy item in dom0 and I can do it by restarting sys-firewall.

I also have a symptom that for some reason the apps installed in the untrusted cube are disappearing when I reboot, but I will check the update content first.

untrusted is an AppVM, only the content inside /home is persistent. If you install something using apt or dnf, it will be gone after a qube reboot. If you want to make the applications persistent, you need to install them inside a template instead.

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