HVM Hackintosh

Hi there, I know this could be a huge waste of time, but it still might be fun and I couldn’t resist. As for all Hackintosh projects this is for educational purposes only.

In a fedora-35-dvm and after increasing private storage max size to 10GB for dispXXXX:

wget https://github.com/kholia/OSX-KVM/raw/master/fetch-macOS-v2.py
chmod +x fetch-macOS-v2.py
Choose a product to download (1-5): 4
qemu-img convert BaseSystem.dmg -O raw BaseSystem.img

In dom0:

qvm-create -P poolhd0_qubes --property=virt_mode=hvm --property=kernel='' --label blue --standalone hvm-mac
qvm-start hvm-mac --cdrom=dispXXXX:/home/user/BaseSystem.img

So far, so easy.

Now follows the more difficult part. One has to boot via OpenCore and to attach OVMF_CODE (firmware) and OVMF_VARS (nvram) to the HVM. This works for Qemu/KVM (plus libvirt) and should be doable for Qemu/Xen as well.

Anybody interested in joining me in this ride?

Kholia’s github repo (kholia) contains an opencore.qcow2 and a script which sets up the environment for Qemu/KVM: OpenCore-Boot-CD.sh.

PS: worst part might be a few cpu flags which Xen does not pass through as far as I can tell.


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Thank you! I’m moving over to that thread then.