How to manage dmenu items for new templates?

How can I edit the dmenu items that are visible when I hit $Mod + d on an i3wm setup? It seems to be the case that newly installed minimal templates, by default, populate the dmenu with their own items such as “Qube Settings” for templates.

I don’t need the “Qube Settings” items on dmenu for templates (nor for the dvm’s based off of those) since I can reach templates’ Qubes Settings on the Qube Manager application already.

How can I remove those entries, and if possible, prevent the newly installed templates from generating their own dmenu entries?

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Perhaps relevant: Default applications when creating a new qube.

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Thanks for the link, but it seems like the command --set-default-whitelist doesn’t have the same function anymore? I tried the commands

$ qvm-appmenus --set-default-whitelist - d11m-fw <<END

where the d11m-fw is the name of the minimal firewall template (out of debian-11-minimal). But this did NOT result in the mentioned folder, namely: ~/.local/share/qubes-appmenus/d11m-fw/vm-whitelisted-appmenus.list

There are only


folders under ~/.local/share/qubes-appmenus/d11m-fw/ folder.

I tried
$ qvm-appmenus --remove d11m-fw
command, and that deleted the apps.tempicons and the apps.templates folders. That resulted in the Xterm dmenu item for d11m-fw to disappear, but the d11m-fw: Qube Settings menu item is still there (which was the item that I was originally wanted to get rid of).

I am confused at this stage. Why didn’t the --set-default-whitelist result in the vm-whitelisted-appmenus.list folder? What are these apps, apps.icons, apps.templates, etc. folders about? Why is there ~/.local/share/applications folder, if there is already vm-specific .desktop folders under ~/.local/share/qubes-appmenus ? Can someone expand on these questions?