Default applications when creating a new qube

When i use the ‘Create Qubes VM’ menu option, a new qube is created. I can set the default-cube with ‘Qubes Global Settings’, but i cannot set the default applications to include. It always includes ‘Files/Firefox/Terminal’. Is there a script/setting that i can edit to set the default applications to include when creating a new cube?

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what you mean, by default?

Not a solution you’re looking for, but you can also use tick “launch settings after creation” and change the available applications after the qube is created.

Yes, qvm-appmenus --set-default-whitelist (instead of --set-whitelist) for a specific template.

$ qvm-appmenus --get-available --i-understand-format-is-unstable fedora-34-minimal
qubes-start.desktop - Start qube
xterm.desktop - XTerm
qubes-run-terminal.desktop - Run Terminal

$ qvm-appmenus --set-default-whitelist - fedora-34-minimal <<END

There is no corresponding --get-default-whitelist command, but the default whitelist is stored as a text file at ~/.local/share/qubes-appmenus/fedora-34-minimal/vm-whitelisted-appmenus.list (note the vm- prefix)

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On a similar note, is it safe to remove all the KDE, Emacs, and Qt 5 applications? I notice they tend to be included by default in the application list and I never use them.