How to create an android qube

Step 1.) download the latest android-x86 iso. You can choose to build it instead as well.
Step 2.) create a new standalone hvm with no template. If using 4.1, it will ask you to boot the iso. don’t do it yet. Let it silently fail.
Step 3.) go to the hvm’s settings and choose advanced. from here we want to make sure our vm is an hvm and that debug mode is enabled. Also depending on the version of amdroid-x86 being used, you might want to have at least 512 MB of RAM available.
Step 4.) choose to boot cdrom image and use the iso you either built or downloaded earlier.
Step 5.) follow normal android-x86 install instructions.
Step 6.) when setting up networking, choose the VirtWifi option.
after that, you are done.


I wonder if it is possible to make it a template and install guest tools there.

This will only work on 4.1
On 4.0, as has been covered many times on this forum, you need to make
the disks available to the installer.

thank you so much love it when people share step by step guides

going to try this tomorow

android tools do not yet exist but I wouldn’t mind helping with that. The best way to distribute guest tools is with an apk btw. Android uses a tool called adb as its debugger and that can even sideload apks if you can connect to the vm. Also most android installs use 3 partitions: one for / with the os installed in /system, one for /storage/emulated/1 which points to /sdcard, and one used for the real sd card (we can use that for private storage, it is usually a folder which is named the same thing as the uuid of the partition). As for seamless mode, how can we make that work in a way that makes sense. Android canvas is always full screen except when it is split, which is a feature found only in android 7.0 and above and not supported by all apps. Oh and the fastboot tool can be used for shutting the vm down after install.

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we need a way to start public donation fund to support community efforts like this i would love to see android tools for Qubes and be willing to donate to support its development by community

I would say working cut&paste is the most important thing.