How to change to lower consumption desktop then xfce? Next release option to install lighter or manual change

So i like Kubuntu, but wanted to test QubesOs.
Found that can do KDE manually. Will later try.
Also problem is to save battery is for some, but as new user i can put only 2 links so in comment ill put 2 more links of tis forum battery posts.

So heres info that XFCE is a bit lighter then Ubuntu But MATE is a bit less using battery.

Maybe Mate could be installed also? Or in installation could choose it?
Maybe some wants to have KDE, like me, not caring about battery on PC, but wanting KDE Kubuntu shortcuts and faster then Ubuntu speed. Also KDE or Kubuntu with KDE has a lot of productivity tweaks for usage.

Here in article is mentioned also LXQt Openbox, but in first article isnt yet tested it.
I can post as new user only 2 links, so next comment im putting links of people talking about battery.

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Everything that can be done in rhel/fedora, can also be done in qubes.

Desktop/Window Manager is not the major battery draw.

Mostly it’s Xen’s filtering of what dom0 can tell the hardware to do.

this seem to be belong to “user support”, you can change that if you want

for now, there no easy way to do that