Just what is up with the energy usage...? i mean laptop battery runs out so quickly

running qubes on a laptop is a pain in the ass because of the battery discharge

i can fully understand why running so many vm’s would consume a lot of power compared to for example windows but they say that the most battery goes on powering the display

i mean it’s not as if we have any good solution regarding measuring what’s using the battery

how much each qube takes etc… sounds like a good idea to “estimate” at the very least

idk it’s just…
the power usage is just a pain

xentop shows the seconds of CPU used by each VM, which may be a good proxy for battery usage (if you didn’t shutdown/restart the VM).

Do you have a Intel CPU with hyperthreading?

Not sure if it’s resolved for everyone:

oh not sure if it’s a bug/… i have to look into that for the moment there are more important issues
but yeah… serious bugs and issues so far

If you have dedicated GPU then it should be your problem. The dedicated GPU is running by default even if it’s not used. You need to install GPU drivers in dom0 and disable dedicated GPU.