How to change the username of my system

How do I change the username of my QubesOS. Is it possible to do so?

assuming you mean that you want to change the username in dom0, you can, but I would not recommend to do so. The default username “user” is the same accross all templates, and hence appVMs (and therefore dispVMs). I’m not sure if it is hardcoded somewhere.

dom0: sudo usermod -l newuser -d /home/newuser -m user

I’m reasonably sure that this will break things though. I wouldn’t recommend it.


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If you want to change the username in dom0, I wrote a guide explaining how to proceed:


It is hardcoded in some salt files for sure. I’m not sure about anyhting else.

To be clear, I think it isn’t hardcoded in a way that will break anything, but my username is user, so I’m not sure.

Back up dom0 before trying it.

If you’ve configured your desktop at all, changing the username will break many settings in your home directory. With a bit of care, you can sort this out with find, sed, and then restart the desktop environment.