**RESOLVED**How to change incorrectly spelled username for new instalation

Hi. New user incorrectly spelled the username during te installation.
I’ve tried the below to no avail.

`[user@personal ~]$ usermod -l Blackwolf_Oz Blackwol_Oz
usermod: user 'Blackwol_Oz' does not exist`

Very new user to Qubes, so don’t go too hard on me. I can live with it as it is as will simply install once 4.2.0-rc3 hits prod.

You are running the command from a qube where only user exists, you should run it in dom0 :ok_hand:

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Appreciate the reply, thanks but…

usermod -l Blackwolf_Oz Blackwol_Oz
usermod: user 'Blackwol_Oz' does not exist.

What’s the output of id?

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uid=1000(blackwol_oz) gid=1000(blackwol_oz) groups=1000(blackwol_oz),10(wheel),999(qubes)

your user is blackwol_oz and not Blackwol_Oz, this is case sensitive :+1:


Thanks heaps.
Output is
user backwol_oz is currently used by process 4110
which is systemd/systemd --user

Ok, this is going to be trickier…

One solution I see would be to log in as root in a tty (ctrl+alt+F2 before logging in into your user, ctrl+alt+F1 to come back to X display), but if you didn’t put a password on root (default is no password), you will have to put a password first to root user.

However, I wonder if changing the username will work, Qubes OS may have your username somewhere in the configuration, if it’s using the actual username and not the uid, that will break stuff. But I understand it’s almost a test system you have right?

Hi solene, I do use it as a daily driver but have good backups etc.
It’s purely cosmetic, so I can live with it.
I’ll just be more careful on installation with the next release.
Thanks very much for trying!!
I’m loving using this OS, it’s so refreshing, considering I work in IT & am stuck using W$ndows at work. :rofl:

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I’m going to try on my own computer then :grin:

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I got it :slight_smile:

  • give your root user a password
  • reboot
  • when choosing Qubes OS boot in grub, type e to edit
  • in the “module2” line, add single and press ctrl+x to boot
  • enter LUKS password as requested
  • enter root password as requested
  • type usermod -l newlogin oldlogin
  • type exit
  • done

Basically, you can also do it live but it’s dirty

  • sudo -i
  • vipw and replace your username with the new one
  • vipw -s and replace username
  • modify /etc/group, /etc/subgid and /etc/gshadow to replace the old username with the new one
  • reboot

I used the dirty method to change my username, and the right one to fix it again, so both are confirmed to work on 4.2 :ok_hand:


Thank you so much for your help and support!
I’m just settling down for the night, so I will try this tomorrow. :sunglasses:


I reinstalled 4.1.2 (R4.1)

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