How do you add a microphone to a qubesVM?

Yes how do you add a mic to an appVM? It works by default in other OS:es…
So what packages are missing? I did link it to the VM with some talk app…
Why is it all silent? How do i fix it? I got a webcam also though…
yeah gotta fix that also. But this mic, how do i get it to work? Is sound disabled by default? Why is it not working by default? How do i troubleshot it? Thanks

Did you try to use Qubes Devices widget and tell it to connect the microphone to a VM? You can also try to open PulseAudio Volume Control from System Tools in the Menu and adjust the microphone volume.

Yeah, i got sound to work, kinda. It is very fast and almost speeded up, or very chopped up. Maybe because the laptop is slow i have no idea. Have anyone had the same issue, and if so, how did you fix it? Thanks

Are you using a USB microphone? Did you try to change the microphone’s volume as I suggested above? Note that its volume may be different for different VMs.

Also try searching on this forum. Example:

If i can get element and signal to work with a microphone later in today i can use qubes… Otherwise it’s a waste of time to have tried to set it up again. Does anyone have some updated ways of making that happen?

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