HCL - workstation Intel i7-12700 on MSI B660 motherboard


This is an update for the HCL report from about a year ago. I reinstalled the workstation to Qubes 4.2, and this time it worked smoother than with 4.1 - no need to mess with the GPU to make the installer work, no visual artifacts, etc.

I still had to do the UEFI magic, though - after the installer reboots, BIOS did not recognize the boot option and goes directly to setup. I have very little idea how UEFI works (and no ambition to improve this knowledge), so I had to try a couple things. I don’t remember what exactly I did a year ago, but I think the instructions from the docs mostly worked, except that it seems to be for an older version and the files are a bit different (in particular, the file to copy to BOOTX64.efi is grubx64.efi and not xen.efi, IIRC).


I have only spent a couple hours on the reinstalled system, but everything seems to work like a charm - video, audio, network, … I haven’t seen any issues, and I think it may actually works better (e.g. the VMs seem to shutdown much faster, without the strange delays).

So far the UEFI issue was the only thing I had to deal with. Not a big deal, but would be good to have the instructions updated to match current version.


Qubes-HCL-Micro_Star_International_Co___Ltd_-MS_7D43-20240101-151721.yml (1.0 KB)


Thank you for HCL and additional information. Can you also fill a detailed report based on this template please:

Example of user providing the answers is here. The more information the better, it may be helpful to other users, thank you.

Maybe, if there’s a reasonably simple way to submit this - it’s a fairly long list of items to answer, possibly files to attach (lsusb, lspci, …). Also, how discoverable is that? IMO if it’s not linked from the HCL page, few people will realize they should search forum.

  1. The link to your post with useful information can be presented in the existing HCL table.
  2. This questions should help to make a better, more informative, version of recommendation and comparable table. It currently does not exist yet.
  3. It is completely optional, do not do if you do not want to. You already submitted the HCL report, that may be useful for somebody, thank you.