[HCL] StarLabs StarBook MKVI (13/04/2023)


  1. Needs kernel version 6.1+ to work correctly

  2. Sys-audio requires snd_hda_intel power_save to be turned off to prevent media lagging or fully outright stopping.

  3. Intel IGFX Troubleshooting - Software Rendering or Video Lags

  4. Issues with Bluetooth initialization upon sys-usb qube startup

Note: Used sys-net for USB, Audio, and networking.

Other comments:

Based on Star Labs Star Book MKVI with some additional troubleshooting

For some of these remarks, StarLabs possibly could build a custom Starbook Qubes ISO with some of the fixes included? This would be an option for Starlabs to consider. Then again, this would have some security concerns as well to contend with. Up for debate.

Re: TPM, the HCL report generator did not detect the TPM chip despite it being present. It might be due to it not being supported in Qubes. Using dmesg and grepping for TPM will show it.

# dmesg | grep TPM
[    0.451055] ACPI: TPM2 0x000000007661B000 00004C (v04 COREv4 COREBOOT 00000000 CORE 20221020)
[    0.451128] ACPI: Reserving TPM2 table memory at [mem 0x7661b000-0x7661b04b]
[    2.976865] tpm_tis MSFT0101:00: 2.0 TPM (device-id 0x1B, rev-id 22)

Re: Intel HDA Power save, placing the following file inside the sys-audio template will fix the issue if using a sys-audio setup:

options snd_hda_intel power_save=0

Re: Bluetooth issues, it might be possible that the issue I’m facing is due to a software configuration error, as not only the public address for the bluetooth isn’t saved, any pairings is also lost. For now, the following fixes the bluetooth issues (requires bluez in sys-usb qube):

echo $(hciconfig hci0 | grep "BD Address" | cut -d " " -f 3)
sudo btmgmt public-addr $(hciconfig hci0 | grep "BD Address" | cut -d " " -f 3) || true
sleep 5
sudo btmgmt name hostname

hostname being placeholder for the device’s name. This should work being executed from a service file.

Edit (hopefully the only one needed): If using blueman and bluez, adding the following directory:


to bind-dirs will preserve pairings. The above script will still be needed, unless someone is able to fix the initialization issues.


Qubes-HCL-Star_Labs-StarBook-20230413-160004.cpio.gz (7.8 KB)
Qubes-HCL-Star_Labs-StarBook-20230413-160004.yml (1001 Bytes)

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Thank you @HSF3232 for your detailed HCL report, which is online now!