Has qubes.InputMouse policy (and others) changed structure in 4.2?

Hello! I am someone quite familiar with the way the Input policy files were used in qubes 4.1 (for example at this post Enabling Bluetooth on Qubes R4.1, but I just upgraded to 4.2 and I now see that my qubes.InputMouse policy file has a new extension and no longer seems to be used to determine whether or not to ask or allow my bluetooth mouse.

Does anyone know where the new policy files are kept or how the 4.2 system for this works? Thanks!

Default setups use now the new policy location (/etc/qubes/policy.d), see Phase out legacy qrexec policy files · Issue #8000 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub and New qrexec policy format · Issue #4370 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub. The old policy location still works (it will stop working in Qubes 5.0).

But, now we have graphical tool for most common policy changes - see “Qubes Global Config” tool. It can handle qubes.InputMouse for example.

Thank you!! The new Global Config tool is a fantastic idea. I especially appreciate seeing the USB Input Devices, U2F (I’ve wanted to set this up for a while now), and split GPG in there. I am noticing that the new GPG policy seems to ask everytime I want to access the keys (whereas I had it set up to allow for 1 day from permission on a given qube), but the ease of use of the tool is a great improvement in general!