Has anyone installed to a Dell Precision 690?

New to Qubes. I thought this would be a good system to try a Qubes install. TPM, adequate storage, reasonably powerful hosting platform.

One the other hand, it does not appear that anyone has used this to date. Or maybe that simply didn’t bother to contribute that information.

Is Qubes going to see my RAID array? Aside from a RAID 10 storage array, I run RAID 1 as my system disk. Thoughts?

Hi @balexan, welcome to the Community!

Yes, unfortunately nobody knows until someone submits an HCL report.

Note that you can try Qubes by installing on a USB stick to test you machine.

You could be the first to submit one, and that would definitely go a long way in getting Qubes OS fully-functional on your machine.

Even if it’s only partially complete, it’ll be an excellent starting point for us to identify any issues and help you fix them :slight_smile: