GPD Win Max 2 - Unable to boot installer

Qubes R4.1.1 installer can not boot on the GPD Win Max 2 (Ryzen 7 6800U).

Keyboard is unresponsible in install media after choosing a grub menu option.

Install media never boots past console output.

Dmesg on verbose boot is full of things like:

  • failed to start udev Wait for Complete Device Initialization
  • thunderbolt timeout
  • usb usb1-port4: could not allocate device
  • xHC save timeout
  • nvme0: I/O 24 QID 0 timeout, completion polled

Suggestions on how I can help debug and help the team identify if compatibility is even possible, etc are welcome.

I think I read there’s a bios option to choose between usb keyboard and ps/2 keyboard for the built in keyboard, defaulting to usb. Might want to switch that.

Maybe that existed in prior GPD Win Max 2021, but as far as I can tell very few options exist in the bios at all, let alone for USB or PS/2

Updated to BIOS 1.04 with different errors but no luck booting.

xhci_hcd 000:73:00.4: Timeout while waiting for setup device command
xhci_hcd 000:73:00.4: Error while assigning device slot ID
usb 5-1: hub failed to enable device, error -62
usb usb5-port1: couldn't allocate PCI device
usb usb3-port3: couldn't allocate PCI device
nvme nvme0: I/I 28 QID 0 timeout, completion polled
nvme nvme0: I/I 5 QID 0 timeout, completion polled
nvme nvme0: I/I 29 QID 0 timeout, completion polled
nvme nvme0: I/I 6 QID 0 timeout, completion polled

Wildest guess: add irqpoll parameter to grub during boot (after the word quiet of course…)

No change sadly.

maybe try using this kernel latest iso

I just got mine over the weekend, and encountered the same problem. It seems that udev is having trouble starting up. I will report back once I have a solution (or logs…).

@enmus good idea. I’ll give that a try.

I also found this:

I have zero evidence to back this up yet, but my guess is that Xen isn’t passing a key device into dom0 to allow udev to function properly.

It appears remarkably similar to the reason why amdgpu isn’t able to reset the integrated graphics upon resume from S3 sleep. Most likely due to the way Ryzen 6000 series CPUs arrange their devices (and authentication thereof).

AMD chips like to authenticate each aspect of their SoCs and CPUs periodically, and if Xen compartmentalises them, they don’t seem to like it…

Again, I could be way off, but this seems to be the best lead we have so far…

For others playing around with this device, most bios options are locked.

To unlock all options, including virtualization options Qubes requires, press alt+F5 in the APTIO bios menu then reboot and return to the bios menu.

Two others on Ryzen with essentially identical error messages as me:

Going to try kernel-latest and some of the workarounds in those threads and report back.

Appending dom0_max_vcpus=1 dom0_vcpus_pin to the Xen commandline in grub allowed me to complete an install.

Need to figure out how to get that to persist though as I was unable to complete first boot post-install.

Wifi does not work, but other than that qubes seems to function so far.

Going to investigate swapping out the minipci wireless card for a compatible one.

x2apic=false in the Xen command line got me a stable system. Was able to plug a usb wireless adapter in via a USB-C port on the back to apply updates.

Latest kernel resulted in a working and stable AX210 wifi adapter.

Suspend/resume are still not working but I can debug that later.

Only weird issue left is the external USB type A ports do not work at all. Nothing in dmesg in sys-usb or dom0 on any device insertion.

Okay I have things running stable now with several tweaks, with the exception that suspend/resume currently does not work at all.

Documented here: GPD Win Max 2 - QubesOS · GitHub