Global Copy Paste not working for me

I have probems using global copy/paste.
I tried to copy / paste between different programs (thunderbird, tor browser, firefox) running in different qubes with Ctrl+Shift+C / V. Although the Taskbar shows that my command was executed by stating “fetched from qube…” it also says 0 bytes and when pasting there is of course nothing to paste…

Actually I was going to post this problem earlier and was just going to check if the behavoir is still the same, but some weeks ago the behavior was a bit different: when copying there was value larger than zero bytes i.e. 345 bytes. But upon pasting the clipboard was emtied but still nothing appeared.

Hope You can help me.

Did you

1/ Select the piece of text by click+dragging with your mouse?
2/ Then, did you press Ctrl+c first ? (necessary for copying the selected text into the local clipboard)
3/ Then, did you press Ctrl+Shift+c ? (necessary for copying from the local clipboard tot he global clipboard)
3/ Then, did you switch to your desired qube (apart from dom0), and press Ctrl+Shift+v (necessary for pasting from the global clipboard to your local clipboard)
4/ Lastly, did you press Ctrl+v ? (necessary for pasting from your local clipboard to the desired program line)

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Forgive my stupidity. I missed the part without the shift. now it works…

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How-to: Clipboard & forum login - #2 by BEBF738VD

Troubleshooting: Broken global clipboard

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Glad it worked. Could you please mark my answer as the “Answer” ? This helps keeping the forum tidy.