Fyi Qubes OS with nvidia / nouveau (just don't)

Just don’t.

For those who want to try out Qubes OS and are using dedicated nvidia cards, switch to an AMD card or you will have an extreme sluggish System that is no fun to use.

Just tested again and thought i drop this here for those who are new.
Stay away from nvidia closed source.

I don’t have any issues with the nouveau driver, but you need to enable it in xorg.conf, the only thing I can’t do is play any games that require accelerated graphics.

Perhaps it would be useful if you named your exact hardware here.

Using Qubes for 3weeks on nouveau drivers. It works normally now. It was EXTREMALY sluggish when I tested it on HDD and later on USB drive. On nvme it works like a charm. I only encountered problems when run to much HVM and PV at a once. So I think that GPU has not much to do with sluggish behavior of the system.

NVIDIA Quattro P1000 rendered my system unusable. Couldn’t ever get into settings to check drivers. Switching to an AMD Radeon 600 series card solved all my issues.

A friend has Qubes on a thinkpad laptop with NVIDIA Quadro P1000 Mobile with nouveau kernel driver and modules. And their computer works very well. (Is Quattro different from Quadro??)

tried with GTX960 2MB

Thanks for the info, did not know that, installed Qubes OS with the gtx960 and i posted this for new users who i doubt will have an easy time with figuring out xorg.conf

What changes exactly have to be done with nvidia cards, last time i installed qubes 4.0 iirc i had to use the nvidia card to get through installer and then had to use the amd to get away from sluggish desktop.
Do not recall finding anything about changes in xorg.conf that had to be done back then.

Feel free to post link to the source on how to do these changes.

GTX1660Ti - no problems

but did you had to do any manual configuration?

Out of the box experience. I thinking about installing NVIDIA drivers and give passtrough to Win10 a try but after reading all those guides and reports decide to wait until this option will be considered stable. Also don’t like that NVIDIA drivers for Linux are not signed in any way and their website uses only Domain Validation certificate.


agreed, we need open source hardware but that remains a dream

This has to be done in dom0

Xorg :1 --configure

That command will generate the xorg.conf file with the current settings used by the x-server

The driver section needs to be changed to nouveau, if the x-server is working that is the only change needed.

Then copy xorg.conf to /etc/X11 and restart.
/var/log/Xorg.0.log will tell you if the driver is loaded and working.

That is all I did to get my 1060 working.

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Yeah, doesn’t sound like much, i might even have tried that few years ago but when i run chat clients like telegram or discord in multi monitor setup i had bad experience with animations and responsiveness on twitter or youtube, switching to amd made it all go away.

Hope someone finds your hint useful, cheers.

Whoops that was a typo. But mine isn’t a mobile version. It’s on a desktop. It could be a combination of hardware that caused it. Wish I could have investigated more but with the card I couldn’t do anything on the system. Oh well I like my AMD better anyways, it is a more powerful card.

same issue with RTX 2060 card slightly sluggish/laggy with open-source nouveau drivers. Didn’t check with nvidia drivers yet!

i have not spend time to understand how GUI VM works but even then i do not think it is wise to use nvidia drivers as it would circumvent the spirit of Qubes OS when the user installs non open source drivers

Had some time to play around with this and this actually helped make things better for that card.
How do you configure xorg.conf for AMD GPUs?