Framework Laptop Set up and tweaking Guide [Orca Project 2]

Hello everyone! I just posted up the first and basic draft of a sort of guide for the setup and configuration of Qubes OS specifically on the Framework Laptop series. I’d hoped to put it up a year ago but circumstances prevented me from doing so then. The “Orca Project” thing in the title is just for my reference as I intend to do a few things here and it helps keep me organized.

I am hoping to expand on this and make a Community guide for the Framework series (and for other users too looking for a useful collection of common tweaks and settings) to save new users hundreds of hours of digging and searching.

To that end, please give feedback both positive and negative about what is there or what you’d like to see added or changed in time. If someone else also uses the Framework laptop and has other tweaks they know of that are useful to that system or experiences to add, please post :slight_smile:

Also, is this the best place to build guides? I haven’t ever posted one before, so let me know if there are other places that make sense to post it or other ways to help others find it. Would it be better to change this post with the full text of the guide in it? Or is hosting it on github the preferred method?

Guide is here:

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