Firefox default setting in Qubes OS

With the default Qubes settings each new AppVM starts Firefox with its default setting (search “Google”, homepage … no addons … theme…). I looking for a solution to customize the default Firefox setting so that each new AppVM with Firefox has a customized / personalized setting. Is there there a solution within the template VM or an easy export/import approach for all the Firefox settings?

@whoami - if you want NON disposable qubes to be so configured, then you
can do this:
Open firefox and configure it as you will, (in a normal qube).
qvm-copy .mozilla to a template.
In the template, move the .mozilla folder in to /etc/skel

Now every new qube that uses that template will inherit the .mozilla
folder, and the configuration you have set.
This wont work for existing qubes, but it’s a start.
For existing qubes you could try copying the .mozilla folder to ~.

Obviously you wont want to do this where you want qubes to have a
distinct persona.