Finding root cause of freeze

Hi all,

When I unplug my USB C dock, Qubes OS freezes and then reboots. I have tried finding more info by using journalctl and dmesg, but it seems not to be updated with what is happening right before the hangup. I have also tried with dmesg -W to try and see if I see some info before the hang and reboot, but there are no entries added between me disconnecting the dock and the reboot. (From the reboot on it logs everything normally)

Anybody have any ideas what I could do more to debug?

Btw, I have noticed that the freeze doesnt happen if I first boot up and then connect the dock.

Some additional information would help. Such as Dock model and Laptop model. USB-C comes in many different favours, lanes, speeds, revisions and alternate modes.

That makes sense! I will share that later, I dont have that information at the moment.

However, I was hoping people might point me into directions of alternative diagniostics tools when the aforementioned dont give any info. Would you happen to know any?


Thanks! I wasnt aware of this feature, will try it out!

You can also enable some additional logging for xen and kernel:

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