Fedora 40 repositories are being tested by testing team

For advanced users who are not a part of testing team.

Qubes repositories (NOT the templates the templates are now available. See reply by @rustybird ) for Fedora 40 testing were built and uploaded two days ago. This is very early stage of the tests performed on the new release. Those non-testing team members (like myself) who want to have some fun and have 1) enough spare time 2) enough bandwidth/data cap 3) storage space for cloning 39 templates 4) patience 5) some technical knowledge; Might want to give it a test. It should be noted that even this guide is incomplete at this stage. Some minimum knowledge of manual editing of repository files is necessary (and do not ask me how and which ones). And it should be performed only and ONLY on cloned 39 templates. Things are very likely to break at this stage. Also do not expect support or help on Github. But maybe if we can find something interesting, we could inform official testing members who might check this general part of the forum.

p.s. Also please use a mirror instead of the upstream to reduce load on the main server.

fedora-40-minimal update is finished. Rebooted successfully. Will test services and functions later

Around ~2GB of downloads for my XFCE template

fedora-40-xfce upgrade in progress. Transaction check and test successful. Running actual transaction. I will report the rest tomorrow.


Upgrade finished. Changed templates for all VMs to fedora-40-{xfce,minimal} and rebooted. No issues so far.

:white_check_mark: GUI
:white_check_mark: qrexec
:white_check_mark: PCI passthrough
:white_check_mark: USB passthrough
:white_check_mark: Audio source/sink
:white_check_mark: Networking
:white_check_mark: Update proxy
:white_check_mark: Copy/Paste

Haven’t timed start/stop of new templates comparing to the 39. But I did not feel a significant difference. I will use r40 for all qubes on this test machine from now.


If you have been using the Fedora 40 testing repositories, you should have noticed that the “Updates Available” status does not change after successful updates via Qubes Updater. This is not Qubes OS fault. There is a package in the upstream Fedora (gobject-introspection) with a missing dependency (glib2(x86-32) >= 2.80.0) due to multiple dependency conflicts.

Epilog: Already fixed. BTW, if you have been using test branch of the repos since 40 was not available, it is now available. And the Qubes guide for in-place template upgrades is now valid for Fedora 40 Testers.

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There are new template builds in the testing repo:


Nice. Freshly built yesterday.

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Marek is asking @adw to announce Fedora 40 templates officially:

I have been using Fedora 40 templates since 7th April. No issues. You could use the official upgrade guide to an in-place upgrade of a clone of your Fedora 39 templates to Fedora 40.

Or you could download a Fresh copy of the pre-build templates via Qubes Template Manager GUI or the equivalent CLI tool. If you have installed your applications on Fedora 39 template manually rather than via salt, the list of applications could be obtained via:

dnf repoquery --userinstalled

So you could replicate installing them on the new template.