CPU temperature widget

I just noticed there’s such a thing with XFCE in @alimirjamali post in here Fedora 40 repositories are being tested by testing team but are there anything like that with KDE that can work? Seems like with KDE it’s only within the XEN? I’m not sure how to make it work so it could monitor all the cpus… mybe also load and memory? Or is it only with XFCE?

It is necessary to properly understand that overall desktop environment of Qubes OS (i.e. what user sees on login) and the default applications installed in qube templates (Thunar, xfce-term, …) are two completely different independent matters.
The former is decided by dom0 or GUIVM desktop environment. The latter is decided by the apps installed in the template. The repositories I mentioned in that post are related to the templates and not dom0. It is possible to clone a template and install some of KDE default applications (e.g. Dolphin file manager, Konsole terminal emulator, Okular, …). But it will not give you the overall look and feel of Plasma environment. For that, desktop environment of dom0 or GUIVM has to be changed.

Sorry but I think I didn’t explain myself right… I was talking about the screenshot and not the content of that post… there’s your screenshot there https://forum.qubes-os.org/uploads/db3820/original/2X/c/c12cf24d3f4143ee92f61a02939467612bb8bec3.png and there’s a widget of cpu temperatures next to the battery icon… that’s what I was talking about :smile:

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Sorry. I misunderstood you. Are you using a KDE on dom0 or within a GUIVM? If it is on dom0, this does not work?

Yeah it’s working but I think it doesn’t provide the overall cpu info… I dunno… I have the same with the memory for example and it shows only for the dom0 and not for the entire system…
What source do you use for getting the info? Like acpi/… or lmsensors/…

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Dom0 is a VM, standard Linux widgets are only going to report the load and memory usage of that VM, you need something that is Xen aware to be able to see the full system resources.

You can use lm-sensors in dom0, and you can see you all information, except for the CPU core temperature. To read the core temperature, you need access to the physical cores, and VMs including dom0 can only see the vcpus.

I have ACPI, S.M.A.R.T for HDD and battery. It is very hardware specific.

RAM is entirely a different beast. None of the traditional widgets or CLI tools would work. As it is managed by Xen. You could use xentop(1) in dom0 to get some actual information. renehoj provided more useful information.