Feather Wallet Qube with remote node

I am searching for the best alternative to running my own node (I had a lot of complications). The best alternative I can think of, is to use a Whonix Qube with the Feather Wallet (changes remote nodes automatically). I would leave all the default settings. What do you think? Do you have better alternatives for privacy and safety?

Thank you in advance!

Alternative to what?

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An alternative wallet setup.
Other setups I came across:
Monero-Wallet-GUI with defalut settings (random remote node)
Monero-Wallet-GUI with a specific .onion remote node
Monero-Wallet-GUI with a full node (does not work for me)
Monero-Wallet-GUI with a pruned node (does not work for me)
and all that combined with different operating systems
I was wondering, if someone ran into similar issues and could share his setup in qubes.

Thanks. I’m not good at this, but I know your last response will help others with enough knowledge to help you.

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The best alternative for privacy and safety is most definitely using an isolation for the official CLI wallet and private node using Whonix.

I know it’s not exactly (well, no where near lol) what you’re looking for since it doesn’t involve Feather and you describe complications using your own node, but it’s very possible to set it up, and by far the safest.

The working setup has changed since the upgrade to 4.1, but I have no issues with mine. I’m happy to look up my notes on it, if it’s helpful to you.

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If it is not too much trouble, then I would appreciate it a lot. :slight_smile:
I followed this guide:

I don’t really understand the steps, so I just copied and pasted.
As far as I know, this uses a full node. I started the GUI as a last step and got a lot of errors while syncing. (maybe because I only freed up 10GB and tried to extend it to 100GB after I ran out of memory :laughing:)
Do you run a full node or a pruned node?

The method is using a full node, and most definitely a pain to sync the 150Gb that you’ll need for that. But the time investment and patience needed is worth it for the sake of privacy for sure. Of course, you will run errors until full sync is complete.

I first tried the method you link to, but couldn’t get it to float in 4.1. I used this one with a tweak you’ll find here.

I can get you copy and paste notes to make it clear. I’ll create a post on it and link you. I meant to do just that once I had it done, but got distracted.

Do you have the space for that? You ready for something like this?

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I do and I am. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

So I can just ignore all the errors and warnings during the sync as long as it works after that?

Is there an advantage to running a full node instead of a pruned one?

Yes. Just leave it running for a few days/nights. Once it’s synced, just top it up regular.

Hummm, never considered a pruned node. I had the space, and the setup was for a full node, so I went for that. I am curious, now you’ve mentioned it, so I’ll have a look around.

So, here you go, hope you don’t need to get up early tomorrow :crazy_face: Monero isolation fixed for 4.1