"Failed to show the preferences dialog" - panel disappeared

Xfce4 panel disappeared at some point of yesterday. When I click “panel” from system tools it returns a following error.

"[Dom0] Error

Failed to to show the preferences dialog
GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Serviceunkown: The name is not activatable"

Any way to get it back working? Thanks.

I’m not sure if this does the same thing as the button you clicked, but you could try typing xfce4-panel & in a dom0 terminal.

And in order to open this terminal, you could hit alt+F3 and print “terminal”.

See also: Panel is gone and Taskbar invisible.

I didn’t try clicking there, but I’ve had it crash on my. So I opened an issue about it:

I regularly have the problem.

Yes. It has been happening to me semi-regularly. See the aboved-linked github discussion.

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If you wanted to let the world know you had it too, it is OK, but it should probably go to General discussion then. Since you posted it in a support forum and expecting some help, then you should give us more info and what would be your question.