Extremely slow sys-vpn on other appVMs

I use a template for the vpn, and within the template the connection works perfectly, however when I use the template as NetVM in other appVMs, the connection is super slow, but not only slow, but it doesn’t even load any pages. I use OpenVPN with VPNBook

Maybe it’s an issue with MTU.
You can try to add this firewall rule in your sys-vpn and check if this will help:

It is probable. But when I add the rule in the sys-vpn config file ( /rw/config/qubes-firewall-user-script), the connection to other AppVMs still does not work, duckduckgo or any page does not load. The pages only load on the sys-vpn machine, but not on other machines.

Now that I realize, it also doesn’t load anything on other VMs when I disable the VPN in the networkmanager.

I solved it, it works for me with proton vpn x2