Error: Application missing in template!

Continuing the discussion from Why does sys-usb and sys-firewall have an IP address? (fresh install):

ok this can’t be good either…

The system said an update for debian 11 was available, so I ran the update, it completed successfully.

Now, after a reboot, a bunch of things seem to be broken. sys-usb won’t start, all VM’s using debian-11-dvm reporting errors, and in debian-11-dvm, two apps are now broken:

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I also had this problem with “Application missing in template!”. I just removed that and added the existing applications. It seems to be working fine, although this bug is annoying.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t see any way to remove them or install them. No idea what the fix for this is.

Can’t you remove them by highlighting them and then hiting “<” button?

Ahh, they don’t disappear until after you hit apply. They are gone now.

Yes - same here! Guess this is common behaviour. You always need to remove the “App missing…” entries and add their regular entries from left >>to>> right.