Dual booting Qubes more easily with a Hard Drive Power Switch Module

These are a BEAUTIFUL thing…

Hard Drive Power Switch Module’s

Now I have the BEST of “ALL” OS’s

Version #1

Version #2

My way to say thank you to all that have helped me out.

oh this is interesting a dandy thingy… however what is the point of the post here…? user support? hardware support?
where’s the question?

Sorry I put them here cause it’s hardware, no questions to ask

This should of course work fine, but may affect your Qubes OS security in case the other system tries to compromise the BIOS.

You may want to look at Anti-Evil-Made to defend yourself.

And also be aware that dual booting is discouraged for security reasons. However, I understand many times while transitioning into Qubes it can be useful. See this FAQ.

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Yes I understand “anti evil maid” but all it does is “warn” you if BIOS was corrupted. It doesn’t stop it. So if is kinda of a good thing really but isn’t.

This isn’t like “dual booting”. As in “dual booting” the other drive is still “active”. Even if you use the BIOS to turn the other drive/s off. Why because it is getting power. With this “hard drive power switch” the drive/s isn’t. This then the other "drive/s are dead and no way can infect or be infected cause they have “No Power”. No power, no data transfer or movement. This is why they specifically state that in order to “get to” or use the other “drive/s” or OS’s you have to "“shut down” and then power off the active drive you were using and “power on” the other drive and “turn on” the computer again. Also these are made to fit into and empty (PCI/PCIe) slot which by the way will not supply power or data transfer because they are not electrically or electronically made that way. All the (PCI/PCIe) slit does is stabilize the card. So if you don’t have room in the front of your tower bays but have room in the back you can use these.

This “hard drive power switch” takes the place of having to… Shut down ,open up your tower and disconnecting the drive that you were using. Eliminates the possibility of also breaking wires, connections,shorting out something while inside just to reconnect another drive to use…

Normally, a BIOS compromise does not happen, and if it happens to you, it’s good to know about it. It’s not prevented by Anti-Evil-Maid, but saying it’s useless is a stretch.

Agreed, you could may “reflash” or of your skilled enough. Change the chip out with another one