Donation to Qubes OS

May I know how much do I need to donate to Qubes OS in order to be able to use Qubes OS? Is it a one-time donation?

Hope to receive a reply soon, thank you.

You are not required to donate in order to use Qubes OS. Donations are voluntary; they help the development and ensure that Qubes OS will be supported in the long term.

Simply donate as much as you can afford; preferably as a monthly donation.


Just dopping here a link for anyone else interested in donating:

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Qubes OS is free and open-source software. You don’t have to donate or pay anything in order to able to use it!

However, Qubes does depend on donations to stay alive, so if you’re able to donate, we would greatly appreciate it!


Hi fsflover,

Thanks for the info.

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Hi adw,

Thanks for the info. btw do you know if one-time donation is allowed or not?

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Through OpenCollective you can do a one-time donation.

One-time donations are absolutely allowed and very welcome! As deeplow posted above, you can do that through OpenCollective. We also have other donation methods, which are covered here:

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Oh through OpenCollective, noted with thanks.

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Hi adw :wave:

Noted with thanks, I will take a look at OpenCollective and see what it’s like.

May I know can I donate through Paypal?

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Hi Pallas,

We do not accept PayPal donations directly. However, using PayPal to donate via Open Collective may be possible. I tried looking into this to see whether Open Collective accepts PayPal, but I was not able to find any concrete answers. Perhaps you could try it and see if it allows you to do so?

Yep, PayPal works (see screenshot)…


Thank you for confirming, @Sven!

Hi adw,
Ok, thanks for the info.

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Hi Sven,

Great, can donate through Paypal. Thanks for the info.

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@adw it could be good to mention this on the website:

Also, @anon20815738 no need for the email formatting “Hi… Cool regards”, as it makes it a bit harder to read replies and the forum already provides your username. But whatever suits your style. See also FAQ - Qubes OS Forum (keep tidy).

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Some Qubes users won’t want to advertise the fact that they’re Qubes users or supporters for fear of attracting unwanted attention–are there any anonymous donation methods?

The addition of monero payments is a progress:


I’m so exited about monero donation, i will finally be able to donate to QubesOS and help this amazing project :champagne:

I can see that there is an monero address in the changefile, can I already donate to it ? Add Monero donation information by andrewdavidwong · Pull Request #161 · QubesOS/ · GitHub


Yes, you can already donate to the Monero address. We’re just waiting for @marmarek and Simon (HW42) to sign the address and approve the pull requests (one for adding it to the website and one for the announcement).

Thank you for supporting Qubes! :smiley:

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