Dom0 terminal shows after reboot with sanity-quash messages, hacked?

When I reboot, I see a dom0 terminal open in Workspace 1 automatic, every reboot. Also, my screen opens on Workspace 2. I am also seeing sanity-quash errors and they show up on my screen and then go away. I don’t know where they are coming from or where the log is that would show what they are. They are on the right upper part of screen and display and disappear.

This looks like auto-reopening of apps from the previous session. The option is in AppMenu → System Tools → Sesssion and Startup. Tick “Automatically save session on logout” is by default on AFAIK. You can try to untick it. Also, have a look at the Application Autostart tab.

That’s not checked off.

The terminals has stopped automatically opening but I am still seeing sanity-quash messages about devices being removed. There are no devices connected to my computer. Is it possible my computer is compromised? this message seems to appear at random times

This answer might be helpful.

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This is very good. Can I uninstall snapd or do i needs that for some reason?

The link says: " [qubes-users] sanity-squashfs available and removed notifications

Jin-oh Kang Wed, 16 Oct 2019 09:14:18 -0700

A quick search reveals that it might be from snapd (snapcraft). Every time a Qube tries to attach a file to a loop device – perhaps to mount its filesystem – it’s still recognized as a block device (just like a USB flash drive as you mentioned) and a udev script notifies the Dom0 about the event.

If it continues to bother you, just create a ‘.qubes-exclude-block-devices’ (without the quotes) file in the /tmp directory. It should silence all loop attaches from it, not just sanity-squashfs-290*. Should it not work, you can kill the Qubes block devices tray icon process which is afaik responsible for all the notifications iirc. --"