[Dom0 Error] qvm-start sys-firewall failed

I AM total noob to qubes. I verified iso, burned on usb, installed (didn’t change anything). VT-d, memory remap, and virtualization on in BIOS. I have recommended system specs.

But I got this [Dom0 Error] during install:
Not even allowed to upload pics what the hell: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3AXfx8A1JMQh3hk76

I can’t even get log for you, as file explorer doesn’t work and gives 2nd error.

I don’t have resolve to solve this on my own, i have severe chronic pain, but i need separate secure environment badly!

Thanks for help!

Check the sys-net settings > devices

The problem is that the PCI device 00:1f.6 isn’t supported, it should either be your wired or wireless network interface.

Removing the device should solve the problem, but it might leave you without network access.

You probably need to figure out what driver or firmware you need to make the device work.

Oh that might be a problem i have on-board nic and no expansion slots. I will look about how install drivers for it on qubes. There are no linux drivers on my mobo tho, this could be a problem!!!

If you have both wired and wireless, maybe you can make one of them work.

I wanted to try: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/pci-troubleshooting/

Domain […] has failed to start: internal error: Unable to reset PCI device […]: no FLR, PM reset or bus reset available

But ssd disk upon which I installed Qubes is not detected in BIOS (on 2 computers) today all of the sudden.

Please kill me, please kill me, please kill me, please kill me, please kill me, please kill me, please kill me, please kill me…

I have always most annoying issues when i need them the least, god i hate computers all the time some components are dying, or something is broken…

What are the odds this happens, i have always happen things like this to me when i need them the least…

My first thread here was the same.

I think I fixed the problem with pressing the button as noted here:

Rescue sys-net/usb - unable to reset PCI device