Does it make sense to set up system wide Mullvad?

I am fairly new to Qubes, so apologies if the question does not make sense

I want Mullvad to somehow be enabled system-wide - does it make sense for dom0 to have internet provided by ProxyVM?
Also, is it possible to make it so that all apps auto use Mullvad?

Check this and this posts to see how you can make a VPN qube that your AppVMs can use for their entire network traffic.

You can place your VPN qube just after firewall qube for all of your AppVMs. dom0 does not have internet connection, and as far as I know it shouldn’t have.

If you want a simple solution, I provide a package
here. Install the package and it
will create a system wide VPN using the Mullvad GUI, and a template if
you want to use the Mullvad Browser. It should just work ™.

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dom0 does not have internet connection

NOW everything finally makes sense. Thank you!