Docs: Prevent Hostname Sending Missing Instructions for Fedora

Does Fedora and Debian work the same way in the tutorial to prevent sending host names? Why don’t I find the files in the tutorial in Fedora, the default template for NET?

Not sure. I tested it on Debian 11 only.

Feel free to extend it to Fedora.

My sys-net template is for Fedora, I don’t know how to configure it in Fedora

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Also, I’ve notified the creator of that section about this.

I randomly booted my outdated Fedora 34 template and noticed that there is no /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf even though dhclient is installed. So I guess that step can simply be skipped on Fedora. I haven’t tested it though and won’t do it as messing with the template of sys-net is quite a pain.

Anyway it would be nice if people stepped up a bit and tested stuff for themselves and updated the community doc or just stayed with the defaults. Blindly executing instructions from the Internet without understanding anything about them inevitably leads to a mess.

@deeplow I’m the author.

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Btw thanks to @unman who originally posted these instructions on this very forum. I just put them on the community doc.

Has anyone tested to see if the hostname is actually sent?

I usually use openBSD, but I’ve just fired up a debian-11 sys-net, and
the hostname is not hitting the router.
I see that the dhclient.conf will send host-name derived from a call to
gethostname() - since that isn’t installed it appears that nothing gets

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I can’t change the Fedora configuration, which is too difficult for me as a novice. Also, if the change is successful, how should I test it out?