Anonymize your hostname

Here is topic about that: Docs: Prevent Hostname Sending Missing Instructions for Fedora

In fedora there is missing ‘dhclient.conf’. There is anyone who can fix this issue? This tutorial does not work on fedora.
Debian 11 have not tested jet.
Is there any option how i can make sys-net debian in dom0 terminal?

hI @bsd, welcome to the Community!

sys-net is just a simple AppVM (optionally, dispVM), which has the network device attached to it (see Devices tab in its Settings) and provides network (just a tick in Settings). You can create it yourself in Qube Manager GUI or in terminal with qvm-create. See also: Disposable customization | Qubes OS.

I can’t comment on the Fedora issue though.

Okay, thank you

Someone anonymize hostname in fedora?