"@discobot start advanced tutorial" broken?

Is discobot a reminant of discourse or is it still functional?
If it is, then it is still active and prompting for an advance tutorial on a system that is no longer in use.
If it is not, then some of the tool links are broken, or not appearing.

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We disabled post deletion. And that broke some functionality in discobot. We have known about this and added some text to inform the users about it. Did you not see it? (Hones question):

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The impact on the a advanced tutorial is a bit more than ‘some functionality’
Steps cannot be completed because links are no longer present.
It may be better to remove the ‘advanced tutorial’ until it is either adapted to the new system or deleted…

I understand. But did you manage to see the text or not?

Yes, the (ambiguous) text describing the removal of the ability to delete posts is there. So to answer the question; discobot is apparently still functional as is discourse. Also, the missing links are probably caused by using a ‘Strict’ vs. ‘Standard’ security setting in firefox/Tor Browser.
In a posting from qubes-os.org it sounded like discourse was no longer able to meet the organizations needs and was dropped in favor of a more capable system.
Is this true?

Also, the link seems to be broken or is private:

Ah. Interesting. That post was just saying the hosting provider was not enough for us on their free option so we moved to another host. Discourse is fine.

Yes. That’s a private link on the admin interface. It’s just for me to remember where to change it.

The text on that link says:

@1of7 to what would you change it to make it less ambiguous? I find disabling discobot too radical of a solution, so if you have a phrasing of the text that would be less confusing, please let me know.

How about simply removing the step that attempts to train to delete posts in the tutorial and just state, “On the forum we’ve collectively decided not to allow deletion of posts.”
A clear, concise explanation of why the ability to delete posts was removed would be a courtesy but not a necessity.
Thanks for taking time to reply.

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Unfortunately I don’t have that level of granularity (I’ve checked already on meta.discourse.org when I was troubleshooting someone having that exact problem you have).

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So this is a generic tutorial from discourse.org which would require a change by discourse.org?
It’s interesting that steps were added somehow to address the Qubes specific actions to not delete posts.

“Edited” is the word. We’ve edited the text of those steps to say that it doesn’t work. It’s not like we can remove or add steps.

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Ok, that’s clear.

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