Digital art & 3D modeling/animation on Windows VM in Qubes?

Hello everyone.

So, I am a person who is interested in both digital art and cybersecurity. I have been fascinated with the Qubes OS for quite sometime and, having already tried it out, I plan on switching over to it completely in the near future. The only reason why I have not so far is because of the compatibility issue that exists between Qubes and digital art software I use (much of which is only good for Mac and Windows.)

In the upcoming future I plan on obtaining a very powerful computer (24 core CPU and 64GB of RAM) and have thought about running Qubes on it. I have considered the possibility of creating one Windows 10 VM on it and using it solely for digital art. From what I have heard, however, installing Windows 10 in Qubes is quite difficult. In addition, even with the powerful hardware I possess, using software for digital illustration, 3D modeling/animation and game design will still most likely be a serious issue because of the nature of virtual machines. Then of course there is the whole issue of graphics cards and GPU pass-through with a VM.

I would still like to get anybody’s thoughts to help me in my consideration. Would it be good enough to simply create a Windows 10 VM and use all of my digital art stuff inside of it? Or would it be best to get an entirely separate machine for the creative stuff and leave Qubes for work/browsing? Any input would be much appreciated.

Hi @LazyLexicographer. Just dropping here a link to a similar discussion: List of programs that work with Qubes (Use of Blender and 3D software).



This is interesting.