Different Laptops

What laptops have or do people use to run Qubes on?

This a great question and I’m very much interested in what answers people might have. If I can complain, however, this question has been asked one million times already, including probably at least once over the last week on this forum and a few times on the reddit Qubes group.

To @Cyber123: Did you see the previous threads on this topic? Did you find the answers lacking for any reason?

To the forum overlords: This may be a great opportunity to embrace megathreads where all this information about what computers people use, would be kept in one place. This would also make it easier to look up previous replies that people had.

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Yeah sorry, about that! I’ve looked at previous threads on Reddit regarding this topic in the past but some of them were 2/3 years old.

And the below thread is from you, @Cyber123. Did you forget about it?


No worries! Adding to the ones mentioned by @fsflover: