Laptop for Daily use

I’m running Qubes on an X230 i5 3230M 128GB SDD and am thinking of getting a new laptop.
What laptop do you peeps recommend for daily use? cost is less than £600.

x230 i7 obviously.

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Is there a lot of difference between the i5 variant, which Cyber123 already has, and i7?

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I havent formally compared x230.
I did compare x220 i5 and i7 - on one test, starting sys-net,TorVM,
and disposableVM web browser, the i7 was 5 secs faster on average:
34 secs against 39 secs.
That’s significant enough to be noticeable.
You can find those results on the mailing list.


The quad-core T430/T530/W530 are also all very nice (and much more responsive than my i7 x230 when starting VMs or playing video, while doing something else).

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Thanks peeps! I’ll stick with Thinkpads! Apart from Thinkpads, what other laptops would you recommend?


I use a LIbrem 15 for travel, though it may be out of your budget. Qubes runs perfectly on it.

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Apart from Thinkpads and Librem does Qubes run on almost any hardware?

Not only there are sigificant differences between i7 and i5, they are also made in **different generations i7-Xyz… and i5-Xyz… where X is ther generation. The higher the number the newer/better CPU!
You can read more on Intel_Core and choose the processor that fit your demands best!

Good luck :exclamation:

Qubes does not run on almost any hardware, it has a pretty specific requirements. Have a look at hardware compatibility list for more hardware options.

Sorry, let me rephrase the question: If I buy any laptop with the specific requirements will Qubes run on it?

Unfortunately, no. For example, Qubes doesn’t yet run on newer (10th- or 11th-gen) Intel processors. There’s always a risk to buying an untested computer and hoping Qubes will run on it (at least without significant issues); your best bet is to stick to something tried-and-true on the hardware compatibility list.