Dell XPS 13 7390


Everything seems to work besides suspend.

Suspend Problems

Despite adding mem_sleep_default=deep to my GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX in /etc/default/grub, when I try to suspend, the screen turns off but I am unable to wake it back up without fully shutting off the system.


Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc_-XPS_13_7390-20211006-195806.yml (781 Bytes)

Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc_-XPS_13_7390-20211006-200031.cpiogz (13.3 KB)

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Thank you @bunnyapocalypse for your HCL report, which is now online.

I’m looking at Qubes on my XPS 15. I have the same on-board graphics as your model but can’t see to get the screen working during install, is this something you ran into as well?

I’ve had some significant issues getting the laptop to to take another operating system in general but was finally able to get pop onto it. Any tips for manipulation to get qubes working?

Are you using 4.1? One thing I should’ve mentioned in this HCL report was that my laptop would not boot 4.0 due to kernel version, I’m pretty sure.

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That did the trick for me, thank you. (really new to linux, privacy, and security so it the testing release is a bit scary)

guess I should contribute my build as well

You’ll learn quite a bit as long as you’re willing to spend a bit of time troubleshooting. I’m sure you’re capable :slight_smile: Brave to start with Qubes in anycase.

Luckily you’re joining the 4.1 train at a point where it is starting to stabilize. It’s not nearly as unstable as it was a year ago.

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