Custom ISO: Not enough space in file systems for the current software selection

This is a custom ISO with KDE in Dom0, Debian, Fedora, and Whonix templates.

It seems that the default partition size for /dev/qubes-dom0/root is 20G. I can’t see in the qubes-builder where this parameter can be changed (or indeed how this automatic partitioning is being fed to Anaconda)

Doing a kickstart installation with autopart --type thinp returns

Not enough space in file systems for the current software selection. An additional XXXX MiB is needed

it is configured in anaconda, by using custom or advanced custom in anaconda gui. you can also use tty shell to configure drive.

you can take a look at my guide here to find out Playing with qubes part 2

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Thank you, I’m trying to do an unattended install with Kickstart. So I shouldn’t be using autopart and need to create those LVM volumes in the *.ks…got it. Will post the working config if I can figure it out.

Ideally I’d like 1 big ISO which installs KDE and most of the possible templates (whonix, debian, fedora and the minimals) without running into disk issues. Couldn’t see where in qubes-builder the default was set at 20G (for root).

you can read about it here Advanced Qubes Installation (light installer / 4Kn Debian Template / Detached header / Encrypted Boot / Dom0 & DispVM in tmpfs)

modify kickstart to include minimal templates
modify dom0 xml to add minimal templates

Thanks, I’m working off your great examples, problem is whenever my ISO file goes over about 5GB I’m getting that “not enough space” error in the installer.

@unman gives the solution in his git notes:

Qubes 4.1 has limited the size of dom0 to 20G by default.
This means that when installing some templates, the install will fail with the message error an extra X required .

Can this 20G default be changed when building an ISO? Grepped around but couldn’t find the code which sets it.

If not, is it possible to run that resizing command as part of a Kickstart file for an unattended install?