Current status of Ventoy support in version R4.2

I looked around the forum and I’m seeing reports that ventoy doesn’t work with the latest rc4, rc5 version of Qubes. Looked into the Github issues thread and found a suggestion that secure boot should be disabled.

Now I have yet to download version R4.2, so what’s the status when it comes to Ventoy support? Does the latest Qubes ISO work with ventoy as long as secure boot is disabled?

@nealr Did you have secure boot disabled when trying r4.2-rc5 with ventoy?

I have an HP Z420 I’m using, so TPM 1.2, and Secure Boot I think was disabled.

I have a spare SSD, is there some experiment I should do with it to see if it’s a simple settings thing?

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I don’t think there’s any possible experiment if you already had Secure Boot disabled. Hope others can shine through on this.

Another question: When you used the dd command as you mentioned previously, did you first have to uninstall Ventoy from the USB or running the dd command while Ventoy was still on the USB was sufficient?

When you use dd like that, it starts with sector 0 and just goes sector by sector till its done. This crushes anything that was originally on the thumb drive.