Crash on first configuration screen

Everything goes well until the “Executing qubes configuration” stage during first boot configuration screen (or after , screen instantly goes black and pc reboots. so im not super sure)

Since im on amd’s am5 platform , ive tried using x2apic=false on the boot menu for the installer and first boot. Now of course , after it finished rebooting , i could load the qubes os option in grub (with/without x2apic=false results in same behaviour) but then itll crash and just reboot. and a loop is formed !

im on R4.2.1

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Try to boot without qubes autostarting:

Maybe some PCI device attached to sys-net or sys-usb is causing this issue.
You can also try to add grub options to enable logs output to see the exact error:

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I assume its my networking hardware , managed to get it to finish configuration and boot by disabling the configuration of default qubes (including sys-net and sys-firewall).
however on next boot , well , it wont boot :frowning_face: .
A bug perhaps ?

i did not change anything hardware wise.

I am on the am5 platform with a ryzen 7000 cpu.
Compatability issues with newer hardware ? i see that the x2apic compatibility issue has been closed.

Did you create sys-net/sys-usb manually after finishing initial configuration and rebooted after this?
Or you’ve rebooted without creating any qubes and couldn’t boot anymore?

ive forgot to mention , no.
thats why im confused as to what might be causing this issue.
i did change the theme to adwaita dark , but i doubt thats what caused the boot failure.