Changing AppVM's Template

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There are multiple ways to do it.

Via Qube Settings (easy)

  1. Make sure the <APP_VM> you want to change is shut down (where APP_VM will be whatever AppVM you choose)
  2. Open the application “<APP_VM>: Qube Settings”
  3. Choose another Template on the dropdown menu for template.

Via Qubes Template Manager (changing in bulk)

Let’s say you want to change the template for a lot of AppVMs.

  1. Open Qubes Template Manager application
  2. Select the AppVMs you want to change
  3. Choose the new template in Change all selected to
  4. hit OK

Note: This is particularly useful when you just installed a new version of a template (fedora-33, for example) and want to change fedora-32s to fedora-33s.

Via Terminal (advanced)

On a dom0 terminal (Xfce Terminal) type:

qvm-prefs <APP_VM> template <NEW_TEMPLATE_VM>
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