Some newbie questions


I just installed Qubes R4.0.4 to my miniPC. I have some newbie questions about the system:

  1. When i wanted to start a terminal in a disposal VM (fedora or debian it doesn’t matter), it started but at the same time the VM has halted. Same problem if i opened a terminal from the file manger. I’ve found this Github Issue: [link], and it is a closed one. It was mentioned, that the default terminal in the VMs is xterm instead of gnome-terminal, but still if i open the default file manger (Files) as a shortcut and want to start a terminal there gnome terminal is opening, and if i close ther terminal the whole vm stops. How should i resolve this issue? The Github issue is closed, but i’m not a big githuib user and i don’t really understand what is the solution to this problem.

  2. How can i change the default firefox settings in the disposal firefox? I didn’t find any documentation about it. It is just mentioned in this article [link] (Customization of DisposableVM), but i have no clue how to do it.

  3. If i’d like to change the template VM of an AppVM, do i have to crearte a new AppVM, or can i just change the AppVM’s TemplateVM? I’d like to change all the 4 AppVM’s (default created Vault, Personal, etc…) Templates from fedora to debian.

Sorry for the pure link in the 1. question, as a new user i can add only 2 links to the article…

Thanks any help you can provide!

Hi @onequbesuser! Welcome to the Qubes Forum!

Let’s try to address each of these in its own thread so the solutions can be reused.

Issue 1.

For this one, it’s a known issue. I’ve just written there an easier solution for people coming into Qubes. Please continue the discussion there:

Issue 2.

For this one see the link bellow and continue discussion there, plese.

Issue 3.

Solved it for you:

As before, if you have any questions, address it there.

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Thanks! I’m reading through the threads!

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