Change language qube manager

I translated the system into another language, but some elements, for example, such as qube manager, remained in English, how can I translate it into another language?

Hi @Lipen,

What do you mean when you write:

Did you select a different language from a list of options, or did you do the translation of each piece of text? I’m asking because the answer to your question will likely be different depending on what you mean, and if you need help:

  • finding if translations exist for the Qube Manager and how to enable them
  • finding how to contribute new translations to the Qube Manager

Both are very legitimate questions, but quite different from each other! :slightly_smiling_face:

I did everything as it is written here, but qube manager remained in English

Thanks for clarifying @Lipen!

I don’t know which languages are currently available for the Qube Manager, but I’m sure someone else will be able to help you.

I do not think Qube Manager or other Qubes OS tools support other languages out of box except English. The Qubes OS Team is rather small, I do not think they have translators for multiple languages. But maybe I am wrong.

It’s not completely ture. There are at least one component that support both en and ru: for example, qubes-desktop-linux-manager.

Good news: the Qubes Manager is internationalized (meaning it can be translated).

The README of the project in GitHub explains how new languages can be added:

Two languages are currently available: English (en) and Spanish (es)—although that translation is currently incomplete. The qubesmanager/i18n directory contains files that represent the list of available languages), the name of each .ts file ends with a language code.

@Lipen if the language you want is not Spanish, the Qubes Manager will show up in English by default until a .ts file is created with the language you use, someone actually performs the translation in a system called Transifex, and the steps described in the README are taken to “load” it in the application.

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