Can't use tinyproxy (not exist service tab)

I was trying to limit the number of connections for each appVM using tinyproxy, but tinyproxy is not listed in the service in the appVM settings section of myproxy. When I install it in the terminal, it says it is already installed. I referred to this for the configuration method.

When I check the status on the myproxy side, it says disabled, so it is probably not running. How can we install tinyproxy on myproxy ? Or it is possible that I am making a mistake somewhere.

From the guide:

Open Qube Settings for my-proxy and in the Services tab, add an entry for tinyproxy (enter tinyproxy in the text field and click the plus button).

I didn’t try tinyproxy, but for me, it’s expected that the service is not listed.
You have to manually added it.

In the Select a service drop-down list:
choose (custom...), click on the +Add button and type tinyproxy.

Thank you for your reply, sorry for the delay, I was able to register the tinyproxy service and followed the steps properly from there, but when I type sudo systemctl status tinyproxy, the service is disabled and it seems tinyproxy It seems that tinyproxy itself is not running properly.

I looked at the back of the article and it looks like there is another article on the wiki, but I can’t seem to find it. I’m sure it’s there somewhere…